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Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this is real

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Street & Luxury at BLVCK-ZOID
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why does getcha head in the game go so hard. like disney didn’t have to go off like that but they did.

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david just stopped by the studio.
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Anonymous: Pants
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"I live in a neighborhood where my husband & I are 1 of the 3 Black families that live here.. Tonight the KKK knocked on our door!!! I was already looking out the window and seen them coming down my driveway. I screamed for my children to come upstairs in my room and into my master bath. . As I seen there faces in fear.. my mind flash back to Malcom X. My oldest understand but not the rest. My husband prides his self on teaching his wife & family self defense when he not home…. My heart was pounding! Palms sweating! Voice weak.. I look at my son.. And my mind drifted to Micheal Brown, Treyvon.Martin, Shawn Bell. WE legal over here.. everything registered! As the knocks kept coming .. I mustard up the voice strength to say just a minute! My body weak.. but my mind strong! I open the door.. Scope on! Beam on! Safety off!!! WHAT CAN I DO FOR YALL!!! Cause you at THE WRONG HOUSE! #FacesPriceless!! I will Protect. My Home, My Children, MY LEGACY!!!"

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holy shit
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teen quotes, following everyone back
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pumpkins age like white people

Don’t do drugs kids.